Dec. 1835    The first claim on the present site of Burlington is a "jack knife" claim made by Moses Smith and William Whiting on December 15, 1835, at or near where the Standard Press building is now located.  The two men then left, returning on December 27 or 28 with Lemuel Smith and Benjamin Perce.  The four men built a shanty on the east side of the Fox River in what is now Wehmhoff-Jucker Park to serve as their "headquarters" while they further explored the area and made additional claims.  (Note:  Some sources provide different versions of who the first land claimants might have been and the location of the first claim.)

April 1836    Wisconsin Territory is established and counties are defined.  What was later called Burlington was part of Milwaukee County, which covered much of southeastern and southcentral Wisconsin.

Dec. 1836    Racine County is separated from the rest of Milwaukee County.  The new county, which at the time covered what is now both Racine and Kenosha Counties, is given the French name for its principal river, the Root River.
Mar. 1837    A post office is established at Foxville on March 21, 1837, with Moses Smith as postmaster.  The name was changed to Burlington July 15, 1839, with Stephen Bushnell as postmaster.  The office is still in service.
Mar. 1837    A post office is established at Rochester on March 21, 1837, with John B. Wade as postmaster.  The office is still in service.
July 1837    The first marriage in Foxville on July 6, 1837, unites Alvira Hayes and William McLaughlin.  In the town of Spring Prairie, the first marriage is of Oliver VanValin and Jane Ressigue on July 16, 1837.  The first marriage in Waterford unites Orilla Caldwell and Ira A. Rice, with sources differing on the date being either in 1837 or 1838.  The first marriage in Rochester is generally considered to be Philander H. Cole (one source said John Cole) and Nancy Fowler, although one source says that the first marriage in Rochester united Mary Skinner and George E. Duncan.
Sept. 1837    The first lawyer in Foxville, Lewis Royce, arrives on September 1, 1837.  Royce also starts a lime kiln to supply the lime for the mortar daubing for the settlers' log houses.
1837    A wooden bridge is built across the Fox River at Jefferson Street to enable grain to be taken to Southport (now Kenosha).

Jan. 1838    Rochester Township, including all of Racine County west of Mount Pleasant, is established.

March 1839    Burlington Township, including the Town of Dover and much of Brighton, is separated from Rochester Township.
May 1839    Silas Peck and Pliny Perkins record the Original Plat of Burlington (Peck's portion) and Perkins addition thereto.
1839    First village park block bounded by Pine, Washington, Dodge, & Chestnut sts. was dedicated by Silas Peck in 1839 but reverted to his heirs in early 1860s after it was allowed to lie vacant.  Caleb P. Barns bought the land on Oct. 1, 1864 (may be date of recording) from the Peck estate.  (F 1/13/1949)

June 1839    The first doctor, Edward Galusha Dyer, brings his family to Foxville on June 20, 1839.  Dyer had first come to Foxville in the spring of 1837 to help his brother in law, Origen Perkins, develop his claim.

Apr. 5, 1842    Town of Burlington holds its first election on April 5, 1842.  75 voters participated.  George Batchelder presided as moderator, and Thomas W. Trowbridge as clerk.  Officers elected were:  John T. Trowbridge, chairman of the board of supervisors; Lewis Royce and E. Everitt, supervisors; C. P. Barns, town clerk; Thomas W. Trowbridge, Hilas Meachem and W. G. Lewis, commissioners of highways; Joseph Rooker, P. Vanalstine and Aaron Smith, assessors; L. C. Eastman, Thomas W. Trowbridge, and C. K. Norton, commissioners of common schools; H. H. Edmonds, treasurer; H. McLaughlin and N. Stowel, constables; H. McLaughlin, collector; G. W. Gregg, J. T. Trowbridge, and D. Bushnell, overseers of highways; G. W. Gregg, sealer of weights and measures; E. S. Sawyer, J. T. Trowbridge, W. L. Rooker, H. B. Royce, P. Wade, and C. K. Norton, fence viewers.  (From Standard Democrat, June 20, 1924.)

1843    First woolen mill in Racine County, if not in State, was built in Burlington in 1843 by Ephraim & Pliny M. Perkins.  (From 1876 Racine Advocate City & County Directory of Racine County)
February 1843    First Protestant church organized in Burlington Presbyterian, 18 members.
Jan. 1849    A Masonic lodge is established at Burlington on January 29, 1849.
Oct. 1849    A post office is established at Waterford on October 11, 1849, with Samuel C. Russ as postmaster.  It is still in service.
1850    Kenosha County is separated from Racine County.
May 1856    A post office is established at Kansasville on May 14, 1856, with William J. Blandin as postmaster.  The office was discontinued February 25, 1857, and then re established January 13, 1858, with John C. Becker as postmaster.  It is still in service.
Apr. 1858    The first issue of the "Weekly Burlington Gazette," H. W. Phelps, owner, is published on April 8, 1858.  It ran a little more than two years, ending on December 11, 1860, when Phelps went to Houston.
Oct. 14, 1863    Vol. 1, No. 1, of the Burlington Standard  issued.
August 1867    First baseball match in Burlington - National Club, Burlington vs. Farmers Club, Spring Prairie; Spring Prairie won 60 - 28.

May 1868    William H. Peck installs a soda fountain the first in Burlington in his confectionery store and lunch room on Chestnut st. opposite Merton's dry goods store.  [Based on following items, believe this was a frame building that stood just east of bend on north side of Chestnut.  S 8/12/1868 S. Gardner buys confectionery store of William H. Peck.  S 12/9/869 Burlington Confectionery & Restaurant, S. Gardner opposite Jones' brick block.  S 4/11/1872 Frame building formerly occupied by S. Gardner as a restaurant is being moved to Geneva st. near the Jones House and will be used as a meat market by Nicholas May.  A new brick building will be erected in its place.]

July 1869    The Burlington post office is made a money order office.  The first money order was issued July 13, 1869, for $20 made payable to Tosen & Arend of Milwaukee by Peter A. Jensen, fee 10 cents.  Signed by Postmaster Joel Cooper.  The first money order paid at the Burlington post office was on July 19, 1869.
Feb. 1876    A post office is established at Dover Station on February 25, 1876, with Theodore Hillman as postmaster.  The name was changed to Dover on June 22, 1883, with Mrs. Hattie M. Simmons as postmaster.  The Dover post office was discontinued January 30, 1904, and its papers sent to Burlington.
1870s - 1880s    First "low" bicycle in Burlington was owned by W. G. Rasch - per  Joe Dolister's recollections in F 1/11/1940.
Feb. 22, 1881    First issue of the Free Press printed.
Apr. 1886    The first number of the "Standard Democrat" was published on April 10, 1886, the name having been changed from "Burlington Standard."  James I. Toner was the editor and proprietor; A. F. Ransom was the associate editor.
June 1888    John G. Rose starts the first commercial bakery in Burlington.
November 1888    Electric current is first produced in Burlington.  First homes wired were those of  Leonard J. Smith, Eugene Hall, Fred Wilhoft, Charles B. McCanna, Charles A. Jones, Anthony Meinhardt, Matt Cunningham, and Andrew Patterson.
November 1890    Agnes Worsley, new superintendent of schools, is first woman ever elected to an office in Racine County.  (She was teaching in Burlington at time of her election.)
March 1892    Prasch Bros. has a new cash register, the first one in Burlington.
June 1895    Derby Cycling Club has posters out for first annual bicycle road race 1st road race ever in Burlington.  S 6/29/1895 Herman Lock of Lyons wins race.  18 entered, 17 finished.
September 1895    Burlington enjoys the distinction of being the first place outside of the metropolitan cities in which Thomas Alva Edison's great invention, the Vitascope, was exhibited.  Through the efforts of G. C. Rasch, W. G. Rasch, L. J. Smith, W. A. Bennett and Edwin Caldwell, we were permitted to witness the working of this wonderful machine, Thursday evening.  People are amazed that life and action can be put into a picture thrown on a screen.
September 1895    The Vitascope will be exhibited at the Elkhorn fair next week.  William Heiderman with a force of men left for the fair grounds yesterday to erect a building 30 x 60 for its exhibition.  This is the first county fair in the world to show the Vitascope.
August 1900    The first automobile seen on Burlington streets put in an appearance on Thursday, August 9, 1900.  It belonged to the Dr. R. V. Pierce Co., of Buffalo, N. Y., and was being used for traveling through the country.
May 1902    The first person in Burlington to own an automobile is Leonard J. Smith.
August 1903    Meyer & Jacob have placed in their barber shop on Pine st. an annunciator that is something new for Burlington.  Its use is designed to inform patrons when their turn comes, each one being given a ticket with a number on when they come into the shop.  The number is then rung up on the annunciator and one can also see how many are waiting ahead of them and thus are enabled to know how long they will have to wait before their turn comes.

July 1, 1905    Auto licenses required as of July 1, 1905.

May 1908    Walter Riel, Artie Ball, and Alfred Plucker stand highest on civil service exam and will probably be first city carriers. S 5/23/08 -Riel,Ball, and Plucker appointed as city mail carriers.

May 1908    John T. Prasch automobile caught fire at Agner & Reynolds garage; car pushed outside and fire put out.  (First reported automobile fire in Burlington.)
August 1908    Addition being built to Dr. F. F. Newell's residence on Chestnut st.  Will have skylight and be used as an operating room.  S 8/15/08, S 8/22/08, & S 8/29/08 - operations at Dr. Newell's hospital.  (Considered first hospital)

October 1908    Agner & Reynolds advertises automobiles for sale - Model F Cadillac and 1906 Rambler.  (Believe this is first used car advertisement in Burlington newspapers.)

July 2, 1909    First electric car for Burlington left Milwaukee at 4:15 this afternoon. First electric car from Burlington to Milwaukee left Burlington at 6:20 the same evening - Friday, July 2, 1909.

October 1, 1909    First electric car to run on Geneva st. reached here Friday morning, Oct. 1, at 8 o'clock from Milwaukee.

August 14, 1910    The first collision of two automobiles  in Burlington occurred on Sunday, August 14, 1910.  Mail carrier Louis P. Kessler, coming in his Buick onto Geneva Street from Dyer Street (now Milwaukee Avenue and N. Kane Street), bumped into a big Rambler owned by Milwaukee parties that was coming down Geneva Street.  The occupants of the cars received a shaking up but were not thrown from the car.  The Rambler's fender was damaged, while on the Kessler car, the lamps were wrecked and the radiator and car front were badly damaged.  Neither car was speeding or the damage would have been greater, the newspaper reported.

November 1910    First reported use in Burlington of an automobile as a funeral car - the remains of Edgar Thiele were brought from Racine and, after funeral services, were taken to Burlington Cemetery for burial.
Dec. 26, 1910    First funeral from St. Charles church was that of a 3-year-old daughter of Charles Eckert and wife of Spring Prairie, which took place on Monday, December 26.  (Veronica, daughter of Charles & Clara Eckert.  Burial was at St. Mary's Cemetery.)

June 1911    1st auto-truck to be owned by a Burlington concern - a Champion auto truck, by Finke-Uhen Brewing Co.
January 1913    Herbert Moussa sends first package by parcel post from the Burlington Post Office.  First parcel post package delivered was to Mrs. W. J. Knight.
June 1913    First gas-powered cultivator in the Burlington area to be used on Mrs. G. C. Rasch's Spring Brook farm.
March 1914    Boy Scout troop to start at Plymouth church.  F 3/25/14 - H. W. Johnson organized the first Boy Scout Troop in Burlington last Saturday.  All boys who have passed their 12th birthday are eligible.
June 18, 1915    The first jitney to appear on the streets of Burlington put in an appearance on Friday, June 18.  Run by William Olsen of Milwaukee who has been running a jitney there.  Jitney will make half hourly trips during summer between the city and Brown's Lake, the fare being 10 cents.
September 1915    Leo Bauman will be the first farmer in the Burlington area to use a tractor engine.
October 1915    First grand jury in Racine County history convened to investigate affairs of defunct Commercial and Savings Bank of Racine.
November  1915    The first shipment of freight on the Interurban (electric) train was a tub of oysters for May's meat market.

 Dec. 22, 1915    Clock in St. Mary's tower lit for the first time by electricity.

August 1916    The first all-automobile funeral in Burlington - no horses; remains of George H. Fay taken to Wilmot for burial.
June 1917    Richard Kelly and Hugo Rothering, of the Kelly & Rothering Livery, have the distinction of owning the first auto hearse in Burlington.

July 1917    First city and town of Burlington men drawn in the selective draft were George B. Miller, number 783, and William C. L. Hintz, number 1185.

July 19, 1918    Sergeant George Mangold, son of John and Theresa Mangold, is the first Burlington man to be wounded in action in World War I.  He was wounded and gassed in the battle of Chateau Thierry on July 19, 1918.  For several months, he was listed on overseas military records as dead; and his family received a photograph of a white cross bearing his name and military record, erected over his supposed grave in France.  However, Sergeant Mangold arrived back in the United States in January 1919 and was discharged in February 1919.  Never fully recovering from his ordeal, he died in March 1937 at age 43

August 7, 1918    Ross A. Wilcox, son of Edwin and Caroline Wilcox, is the first Burlington man to be killed in action in World War I in France.  Born at Honey Creek in September 1895, he came to Burlington as a baby with his parents.  He attended the Burlington public schools, graduating from high school in 1914.  He was working as a pianist in Milwaukee when he answered the call to service, and went overseas with the 85th Division.
Sept. 24, 1919    Local post of the American Legion is organized on September 24, 1919, by about 30 Burlington soldiers in the great war.  By unanimous vote, the post is named the Ross Wilcox Post.  Aloys Vos is elected as the Post's first commander.
November 1919    Burlington to have unique distinction of being one of the first cities in the United States to receive its consignment of Red Cross Christmas seals by plane.  S 11/21/19 - Christmas seals delivered by plane - plane dropped package from about 100 feet.
Sept. 7, 1920    Women vote for first time in the Sept. 7, 1920, primary election.  The vote in Burlington was light - of 663 voters, about 100 were women.  Many women refrained from voting because a mistaken impression was spread that women had to furnish an affidavit.  The mistake was rectified by noon and, in the afternoon, women voted on the same terms as men.
March 1921    Rein Meat Market is the first in Burlington to install a refrigerating machine; cost about $2,000.
March 1921    Water softener installed in Tillie and Celia David's hairdressing parlors in the Keuper building.  First such establishment in Burlington and only the second such establishment in Wisconsin to install a water softener.
November 1921    Ladies drawn for jury duty in Racine County for first time.  Nine drawn; none from Burlington.
February 1922    W. G. Rasch installs the first wireless radio telephone in Burlington at his residence.
April 1922    Mrs. H. A. Runkel is the first lady from Burlington to serve on a circuit court jury in Racine.
September 1922    The Knerien Motor Co. has a free air and water station in front of its garage on Mill street, the first one of its kind in Burlington.  They invite the public to make use of the same.
January 1923    The first class to complete the four year high school course in the middle of the year since a division of classes was made four years ago, completed their course of study at the Burlington high school.  Those in the class are John Moore, Charles Foltz, Winsola Whitton, Elizabeth Smithers, Edith Leach, Edward Juranek and Evelyn Uebele.
April 1924    Move to start Rotary Club discussed at Hotel Badger on Tuesday, April 15. S 4/25/24 - 18-20 businessmen and professionals applied for Rotary charter - F. L. Witter, president. The Rotary Club received its charter in May. 

April 30, 1924    Burlington had first excitement over Ku Klux Klan on Wednesday night when a cross was burned near the water tower.
June 16, 1924    First baby born at new Memorial Hospital was the baby girl of Mr. & Mrs. George Johnston.  She arrived Monday, June 16, 1924.
June 1924    Halsey Hubbard, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Hubbard, is first Burlington resident to receive an appointment to West Point Military Academy.
July 1924    City of Burlington establishes a garbage disposal service.
April 1925    Parallel parking inaugurated for the first time in Burlington's business district.
May 1925    Burlington's first automatic "stop and go" sign was put in operation Saturday at the Pine-Chestnut street crossing, creating much interest among city motorists.  S 5/15/25 - Overhead stop-and-go signal tested on corner of Pine & Chestnut sts.  S 6/5/25 - signal approved by council.
August 1927    Albert T. Spiegelhoff converts the grocery department of his store on Chestnut Street into a self-service operation, the first of its kind in Burlington.
Feb. 20, 1928    The Burlington Historical Society, the first historical society in Racine County, was officially organized on February 20.  Initial membership was 105.  The  first officers were Mrs. Antoinette Meinhardt Fulton, president; Herbert Duckett, vice president; and Augusta Nielsen, secretary & treasurer.
Spring 1928    Old airplane hangar on Muegler farm torn down.  First airplane owned in Burlington was by H. W. "Pink" Schenning and Art Rein in the spring of 1928.  (F 2/23/39)
November 1928    Kiwanis Club organized in Burlington - sponsored by Forest Park, Ill., club. S 11/16/28 - 1st meeting held "last Thursday" at Hotel Badger. S 12/21/28 - Club given charter; Harold Runkel, president. In February 1936 the Kiwanis Club gave up its charter, but in May 1937 the a new Kiwanis Club was organized with 29 members and Harry O'Haire as president.
April 1929    Mrs. L. C. Kessler, city treasurer, is first woman to serve as city official.
January 1930    Captain Anton Delano received medal for biggest lie told in 1929 - beginning of the Liars Club. The Milwaukee Journal of Jan. 2, 1930, carried the story and a photo of Frank Beller pinning the liar's medal on Delano.  The Racine Journal-News also carried a column on Burlington's Unique Contest.

May 1932    Carl Rubach, Troop 35, is Burlington's first Eagle Scout.
May 1933    Burlington's first Rathskeller following the return of legalized beer will be that operated by Bob Steele in the basement of the Hotel Burlington.
Apr. 25, 1935    The Haylofters' first major production was "Whappin' Wharf," presented at the high school on April 25, 1935.  The price of admission was 25 cents with reserved seats at 10 cents extra.  Members of the cast were Stanley Jung, Elmer Ebert, Francis Meurer, Bill Rewald, Doris Christianson, Harriet Kilroe, Ruth Darling, Sam Martin, Walter Riel, Cy Hammiller, and Kenneth Zaspel.  (per PNA 7/5/66)
February 1937    Girl Scout troop organized at St. Mary's - first of its kind in Burlington.  Captain - Louise Mueller.
March 1937    Burlington Feed Co. to tear down the old Briody horse barn on Pine st. and put up a new steel building - the first such building in Burlington
April 1937    First Junior Prom held at St. Mary's high school - Frederick Pieters and Joan Fleuker led grand march.
May 1, 1937    Burlington's first marble tournament, for boys 15 or younger, scheduled for May 1; Carl Treichel in charge.  Also in S 4/30/37.  F 5/6/37 - Bob Rowell, winner; Jack Rein, 2nd place; 22 boys participated.  Also in S 5/7/37.
October 1937    Mrs. Gertrude Hanson, of Burlington Rifle Club, is first woman to qualify as a member of the Wisconsin Rifle association team.  Husband, Loren Hanson, and George Swoboda also qualify.
October 1937    The first commercial air conditioning and heating plant in Burlington is installed at Robert Steele's Arcade Rendezvous and bowling alleys on Chestnut St.
Nov. 8, 1937    First radio broadcast to be sent from a studio in Burlington put on the air Monday, Nov. 8, at 9:30 a.m. over WRJN, Racine.
May 1938    Mrs. Carl Backlin and others start Girl Scout troop.

May 20, 1938    First Air Mail Flown from Burlington May 20, 1938; A Big Day for Pilot Roman Eckert and His Aeronca; A Highlight:  He Beat a Telegram to Milwaukee - Pokin' Around by Enoch Squires (S 5/16/1968)
August 1938    Elmer Ebert builds and flies a gasoline airplane model, 67 inches from nose to tip of tail, 7 foot wingspread, & 30 inch tail; weight about 4-1/2 pounds - first such model airplane in Burlington.
March 21, 1939    Cub Scouts activity organized March 21.  21 boys signed up.  Also in F 3/30/39.  F 4/20/39 - First get-together of all Cub Scouts was April 18 at Conkey Street School.
June 1939    Warren Christenson of Burlington High School and Charles Pihringer of St. Mary's High School are first youths from Burlington to attend American Legion's Boys' State.

July 1939    First supervised water safety program to start at Norton's lake.  Ray Sonnenberg is instructor.
March 1940    Swenson's Jewelry store is first in Burlington to make use of fluorescent or "day light" illumination.
April 1, 1940    Two-hour parking limit in business district went into effect April 1.
April 1940    Burlington's first horse show, a Memorial Hospital benefit by the Boots & Saddle Club, to be held at Antlers.
January 1941    First Burlingtonians to enter service as part of a quota of the local draft board were Joseph A. Pieters, LeRoy Anderson, and James Corbett, with Wallace Bartelson and Leon Bender, route 1, Burlington, also being included.  All were volunteers.
April 1941    American Legion Auxiliary to hold first Badger Girls' State.  S 5/23/41 - First Burlington representatives to Badger Girls State - Marjorie Fratt, BHS, and Eileen Schuman, St. Mary's.  S 6/6/41 - Ellen Brehm also attends Badger Girls State, sponsored by a Milwaukee Legion post.
May 1941    Mayor H. J. Runkel and Philip "Sam" Reuschlein are first buyers of National Defense Savings bonds.
December 1941    First carload of soybeans ever shipped from Burlington was sent to Milwaukee last week by Burlington Feed Co.  Soybeans raised here for several years but first time sent to market.
February 1942    First draftee in the U. S. Army to receive the Distinguished Service Cross for outstanding bravery in the line of duty is Leroy Anderson, a Burlington boy.  F 3/5/42 - article and proclamation.  (Common Council resolution 3/3/42; mother's reply 4/8/42)
March 1942    Fred Olsen first man with Burlington address drawn in district draft lottery; 17th in entire lottery of 1,797 men in district.
March 1942    First conscientious objector of local draft board No. 4 was Ian Thierman, former employee at Burlington Mills.  Sent to C.O. camp at Beron, Ind.  S 3/27/42 - David I. Thiermann at Friends civilian public service camp - description of camp.
November 1942    Liars' Club honors a professional for first time;  presents "Medal of the Order of the Double Cross" to Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister.  Fox Movietone and Paramount news reel cameramen were on hand at L. J. Stang's store to record the ceremonies.
February 1943    First Burlington girl to enlist in WAVES (Women's Auxiliary Volunteer Emergency Service) was Verona Muller, later Mrs. Edwin F. Kania.  Three of her brothers were already enlisted in the Navy.
June 16, 1943    First flower show sponsored by the Garden department of the Burlington Woman's club is held at Luther Hall on Wednesday, June 16.
August 2, 1943    Mildred Murphy - Burlington's first lady Marine - was sworn into the Marines on Aug. 2.  To go to boot training in Sept. - she's interested in getting into clerical work with the Marines.
March 24, 1944    Wendell Willkie, who spoke at Plaza Theatre on March 24, 1944, was first presidential candidate to come to Burlington.
October 1944    Joe Weiler and Hugo Breuckman are first servicemen from Burlington to enter Germany with U. S. troops.
January 1946    Charles Jackson elected captain of Rescue Squad at first meeting.
June 6, 1946    Rescue Squad made first call June 6, 1946, at Brown's Lake where oxygen was administered to a patient.  (From S 11/16/61.)
July 1946    Contract awarded for lighting equipment at high school football field.  Should be ready for first night game of year against Whitewater on Sept. 27.
Sept. 1947    The first television receiver in Burlington is installed in the cocktail lounge of the Hotel Badger.  Only programs from a Chicago station can be received.  A 50-foot mast has been constructed on top of the hotel building with a receiving antenna on top of it.
February 1948    First two-way radio in Burlington put into service by Boulden Cab Co. (S 9/1985 Sesqui section)

 April 4, 1948    Fraternal order of Eagles to be instituted April 4, 1948.   F 4/22/48 listed first officers, including president Christ Beuthling.

May 1948    Liars' Club to have first group initiation - staff of University of Wisconsin humor magazine - "Octopus."

May 15, 1948    First flying fatality at Wereley Field (on Phil Warren farm near overpass on Hwy. 43, now Hwy. 142) on May 15 - Henry Deak of Wind Lake hit high tension wires.
April 24, 1949    First night flying done at Wereley Field on Sunday, April 24.  Searchlights powered by portable generators used at end of runways with road flares along the runways.
December 1949    Liars Club winner to be announced on NBC News of the World radio program, followed by first television announcement by Otis Hulett on Camel Caravan show.
March 17, 1950    Professional wrestling to make a bow in Burlington March 17 at the high school gym.  Wind-up between Billy Goelz & Roger McKay; other bouts to be "Wild Bill" Brooks vs. Billy Parks and Frenchy Roy vs. Jerry Marcus.
April 14, 1950    First professional ladies wrestling match to be presented in Burlington April 14 between Helen Hild and Mae Weston.  Also on card - Billy Goelz vs. Great Balbo & Red Barsteen vs Pete Bartu.

April 1950    Business and Professional Woman's Club organized.  Mrs. Herbert Moussa first president.
May 13, 1950    Newly formed Lions Club planning charter night.  Will also sponsor circus in July.  F 5/16/50 - charter night held Sat. May 13; Ray Bienemann, first president.
August 2, 1950    Burlington's first polio fatality is Martin Barthels, 8, son of Rev. & Mrs. George Barthels.
August 21, 1950    Boat with 9 aboard swamped at Brown's Lake; Henrietta Plymale, 9, drowned; others rescued.  First drowning accident in 40-year history of Browns Lake Lodge, formerly the Crippled Children's camp.
January 1951    Sam Reuschlein is first BHS graduate to take part in a football bowl game; played with LaCrosse State Teachers College against Valparaiso in Cigar Bowl in Tampa, Florida, on New Year's day.
January 1951    998th Engineer Construction Battalion is first reserve unit from southern Wisconsin area to be called for active duty in Korean War - includes Dominic King, Donald Koldeway, John Merten, James Ketterhagen.

March 1951    SWANI (Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois) conference approved golf, track, volleyball, and tennis competition for first time.
May 15, 1951    Work on installation of Burlington's first parking meter, in front of city hall, began at 7:30 this morning.
February 1952    Mrs. Elsie Oberg Buell runs for 2nd ward alderman.  (Note:  Paper said Elsie was first woman to run for office in Burlington.  However, Mrs. Norma Degen ran for alderman in 1938, per S 9/2/38.)  Two other women have held office of city treasurer - Mrs. L. P. Kessler was appointed Feb. 5, 1929, to fill out deceased husband's unexpired term of nearly 2 years; and Mrs. Elsie Corbett who served in 1931-32.
April 1952    Elsie Oberg Buell elected 2nd ward alderman; first woman elected to office in Burlington.
February 1953    Memorial Hospital offers first nurse's aide training program; taught by Mrs. Ann Petrie of Waterford.
March 1953    First diesel engine, No. 2102, assigned to Burlington Soo Line freight yards.
May 24, 1953    After the Plaza Theatre was remodeled for 3-dimensional (3-D) movies, with new seats & equipment installed, the first 3-D picture shown at the Plaza on May 24-25 was Man in the Dark; photo of audience with special glasses in F 6/2/53.
July 1953    First air-conditioned car in Burlington being shown at Cunningham Buick Co.
October 1959    Veterans Memorial Building fund raising committee made first financial report.
May 1962    First telephone directories with 7 digit numbers (763-xxxx) distributed.
June 1965    First graduating class from Junior High School.

October 30, 1965    Burlington High School's Cross Country running team won the first WIAA State Championship in school history scoring 44 points, 27 less than the second place Mukwonago High School team.
Nov. 10, 1966    First "Pokin' Around" article by Enoch Squires in the Standard-Press.  "Story With a Long Thread From Father to Daughter" - about John and Florence Haitz.  Reprinted in July 22, 1998, Standard Press.
January 1967    Burlington Optimist Club formed; Roger Humphrey is first president; members listed.
January 26, 1967    Dell Connelly Geise, 19, son of Mr. & Mrs. James Geise, Hwy. P, killed in action on Jan. 26; Burlington's first casualty in Vietnam War.

February 1967    First Vietnam veteran joined American Legion - Dr. Robert L. Batsleer.
Dec. 26, 1967    Victim of Sniper fire, Timothy Kennedy Becomes City of Burlington's First Vietnam Casualty.
November 1968    Burlington Post Office gets first woman mail carrier - Mrs. Jack Gauger.
May 31, 1974    First annual senior prom at Mount Carmel Care Center held on May 31 - photos, including one of Bristol Band, in S 6/17/74.
February 15, 1975    Brenda VanGorder, 16, died in fire at home of Forrest O. Chilcoat family, Hwy. 142 near Wheatland road.  First fire fatality in history of Town of Burlington Fire Department.
November 1978    City gets first woman police officer - Shirley Razmus / Rasmus.
January 1987    First Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce Service Award to Tom Lebak, city administrator.
Dec. 12, 1988    Theresa Czerwinski, on Dec. 12, was first woman bowler to roll 300 game at Towne & Country Lanes.
July 1999    Exterior of building housing St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, 135 W. Chestnut st., and Wisconsin Vision, 139 W. Chestnut st. (old Firestone building) being restored to previous appearance.  First project to qualify for low-interest loans from Burlington's Downtown Redevelopment Program.
November 2001    Burlington High School boys volleyball team makes first trip to state tournament.

June 2016     Burlington Hign School's baseball team won Wisconsin State championship 6 to 4 over Arrowhead High School of Hartland.