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1.  Main Street Area  - Photo taken from the top of the "Malt House" building on Main Street.  The left side pans from the Jefferson St. Bridge area to the East and South.  In the distance on the right is Norton (Rockland) Lake.  Bushnell Road leads South on the extreme right. (About 1905)

2. Al-Vista Factory Workforce - The Al-Vista Panoramic Camera Factory (Background Left) was located West of the Soo Line tracks South of E. Jefferson St. near the present location of the Fox River State Bank.  - Photo early 1900's

3.  Chestnut Street From Pine Street - Looking West toward the "Loop" about 1903.

4.  Kane Street - Looking North along Kane Street just South of Jefferson Street. (About 1905). Large house on the left is the Charles Jones House on the Southwest corner of Kane and Jefferson Streets.  Far Left is the two St. Mary's Church's on McHenry Street. 

5.  Lewis Street - Looking North on Lewis Street.  Wooden water tower in the distant center of photo.  Horse drawn sleigh is on Conkey Street. The area of present day St. Charles Church and School property is at the far right.  Photo taken about 1900

6.  Parade In The Loop - A parade in the early 1900's coming from Pine Street heading West along the Loop Area.

7.  Parade In The Loop - Another photo of a group of young girls parading towards Pine Street (Early 1900's)

8.  Pine Street At East Chestnut Street - Panoramic photo along Pine Street about 1905.  Wegge & Bauman Tavern is present location of May's Insurance Building (formerly Bank of Burlington). Sleigh is heading East toward the river at the end of E. Chestnut Street.

9.  Washington and Kane Street Intersection - Looking North toward Milwaukee Avenue from Washington Street at Kane Street intersection.  Large house on the left is present location of Talmer Bank (formerly First Banking Center).  To the right along East Washington St. was a row of houses which is mostly parking area now.  Pine Street is far right.

10.  Winter Sleigh Ride - View of East Washington Street looking East toward Pine Street.  Three story building in center is on the Northeast corner of Washington & Pine Streets.  Large house at the far right is the Wehmhoff home which is now part of Wehmhoff Square.

11.  View From Water Tower 1900 - Made from 3 separate photos, this panoramic view of Burlington was taken from the top of the wooden water tower at the head of Lewis Street. Lower left is the Burlington Blanket Facroty and the train depot area along the White River. Across Echo Lake is the Burlington Brick & Tile Factory (present location of Brusier's Pizza and Rice's Liquor Store).  The center looks down Lewis Street toward Geneva Street (Now Milwaukee Avenue). At the right is the Hillside area with the two St. Mary's churches.

12.  Schemmer Street Area - Looking East and North from the edge of St. Mary's Cemetery. Snow covered Schemmer Street is in the foreground.  Conkey Street School (location of present day Cooper Grade School) is at the far left.

12a. Schemmer Street Revisited - Another view to the East from St. Mary's Cemetery.  Houses nearest to camera are facing Schemmer Street.  Children in lower right are watching the cameraman.  Lady at rear of house at left of center is cutting wood.  Buildings in the distance at far right are part of the Finke-Uhen Brewery Company located on McHenry Street.

13.  Mill Race Area - Photo looking North taken from the bridge over the White River at the East end of Chestnut St.  The area behind the stone wall at left is the present location of the Charcoal Grill Restaurant parcel. At the right is the mill race that served the electric power plant which was located near the present Veteran's Terrace facility. Notice the children sitting on the stone wall at far right.

14.  1871 Lithograph "Bird's Eye View" of Burlington - Drawn by panoramic map artist Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler (1842-1922).  The view is from the Northeast to the Southwest. 

15.  View from Top of Malt House - Panoramic view of Burlington looking West and North about 1895.  St. Mary's Church's to the left. Two story white building in center is the Al-Vista panoramic camera factory that was located next to the railroad tracks just South of Jefferson St.  On right is Jefferson Street Bridge.  Far right is Main street.

16.  Fourth Of July Parade in 1907 - Two photos taken with an Al-Vista Panoramic Camera at the interstection of Geneva Street (Now Milwaukee Avenue) and West Chestnut Street. The left photo shows Geneva Street (heading West) on the left. The wooden building on the corner in center is now the Johnson Bank building. To the right is W. Chestnut Street heading out of downtown. The photo at the right was taken from the balcony of the Jones House Hotel looking East. The corner building on the right now houses the offices of Oldenburg Insurance Co. Both photos were made into foldable "double postcards" that were sold to the public.

17.  The "Second Street Bridge" -  This bridge was known as the Second Street Bridge and at that time was the only road exit to the North from the downtown area.  The bridge was relocated and now spans Honey Creek on the Roger Bieneman property on Bieneman Road near the Burlington Airport.  The area left of the Bridge is now occupied by the Charcoal Grill Restaurant.  The small white building at far left was at the East end of Chestnut Street. Notice the children playing with a horseless wagon in the river.  The buildings at far center behind the bridge was part of the Burlington Electric Power Plant.

18.  Conkey Street High School -   Built in 1897 and demolished to make way for present day Cooper School. View is looking Northwest near the corner of Conkey and Amanda Streets.  Conkey Street runs left (West) to State Street.  Houses along the far right run Northerly along Amanda Street.  The smaller building on the corner at right is the Kindergarten building that was built in 1888 and demolished in 1931.